How will Georgia’s new voting system work?

December 12, 2019
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How will Georgia's new voting system work?

As the 2020 Election looms, Georgia is getting a new voting system. The new system is paper-based. Since Georgia’s voting system hasn’t changed in 20 years, voters may have questions about how the new system works.

Here is a rundown of what the new process of voting will look like in next year’s elections.

When voting with the new system, a voter will check in using a photo ID and receive a voter access card, which does not contain any information about the voter. Using a touchscreen the voter will make their selections, review their selections onscreen, print out a paper ballot, review their selections in-hand, and scan their paper ballot into an optical scanner themselves when ready. 

This provides an opportunity for voters to review their ballot both onscreen and in-hand. Voters will be alerted onscreen if they leave a section blank, don’t cast a vote, or do not make all available selections, but will not be required to cast a vote in any race or to make all available selections.

After scanning a ballot, the ballot is deposited into a secure container. Voters will not take the ballot with them.

The new system not only creates digital images of all ballots, but also securely keeps the printed versions for the Board of Elections as a paper trail for recounts or audits, if needed.

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