Georgia Lawmakers Want to Tackle the Growth of Artificial Intelligence

August 21, 2023
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Georgia Lawmakers Want to Tackle the Growth of Artificial Intelligence
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The Georgia Senate is working to come to grips with the ramifications of the growth in artificial intelligence (AI) technology for public policy.

Two Senate committees announced plans Monday to hold a joint hearing on AI this fall. The Public Safety and Science and Technology committees will take up the issue at the state Capitol on Nov. 1.

“Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly, and it is important for us to analyze current and future AI practices” said Lt. Gov. Burt Jones, who presides over the state Senate. “We must look at the pros, cons and potential unintended consequences of AI, and I look forward to the work of this Senate joint committee.”

Artificial intelligence has caught the attention of government leaders at all levels. U.S. Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-Ga., called the growth of AI an “existential threat” on multiple fronts during a Senate subcommittee hearing in June.

Ossoff said AI can be used to invade Americans’ privacy, disrupt labor markets by replacing jobs now being done by humans, influence the future of warfare, destabilize politics, and threaten the nation’s cybersecurity. On the other hand, the technology promises to increase economic productivity, help diagnose cancer, and produce life-saving drugs, he said.

The use of AI in political ads has raised alarms over its ability to mislead voters into believing candidates said and did things they did not.

“AI may be one of the greatest disruptors in history, providing significant advancements and monumental risk,” said state Sen. Jon Albers, R-Roswell, chairman of the Senate Public Safety Committee. “We must address this head on to protect our citizens, businesses, and state.”

The joint committee will hear from industry experts in an effort to design policies for coping with the growth of AI technology across a multitude of platforms.

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