Alpharetta Just Canceled Its Citywide Elections. Here’s Why

August 31, 2023
1 min read

The Gist: Election season in Alpharetta just got a whole lot shorter. With not a single contested race in sight, the city’s pulled the plug on its 2023 general municipal election.

What Happened?: Instead of a ballot showdown, it’s more of a coronation this year in Alpharetta. Mayor Jim Gilvin, Council Members John Hipes and Dan Merkel, along with newcomer Fergal M. Brady are set to take office without any competition. Because they each ran unopposed, state law says they win by default.

And so, city officials decided to cancel the election outright.

By The Numbers:

  • $379,408: The money the city saves by not holding an election this year.

Why It Matters: Talk about a windfall. That $379,408 isn’t just pocket change; it’s a sizable amount that can now be used for things like public projects or initiatives to directly benefit Alpharetta residents.

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