Georgia’s Must-Visit Spots for Fall 2023

September 6, 2023
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Looking for the ultimate day out this fall in Georgia? The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta has been crowned the state’s most popular attraction, based on social media and Google search data for 2023, according to

Georgia Aquarium Leads the Pack

The Georgia Aquarium raked in 110,000 Google searches per month and has been featured in 261,474 Instagram posts, according to the research. The aquarium also boasts a solid online reputation, with over 67,939 Google reviews.

Tybee Island, known for its stunning beaches, came in second place with 49,500 Google searches and an overwhelming 542,877 Instagram posts. Rounding out the top five were Atlanta Botanical Garden, Six Flags Over Georgia, and Jekyll Island.

More Than Just a Fish Tank

While the Georgia Aquarium offers an array of marine life for visitors to marvel at, it’s not just a place to gaze at fish. It serves as a research institution and aims to educate the public about aquatic biodiversity. The aquarium’s popularity might be attributed to its recent exhibits, like the 2023 debut of its Southeast Asian rainforest habitat.

Top Spots for Educational Days

For those more interested in art and history than rollercoasters and dolphins, the Georgia Museum of Art ranks as the number one educational day out in Georgia, according to the same data set. It scores high in Google searches and has almost 165,000 tagged posts on Instagram.

Where Else to Go?

Aside from these top-ranking places, other attractions also made the list. Callaway Gardens, a staple for nature enthusiasts located in Pine Mountain, scored an 11 out of 40, based on Google searches and Instagram posts. Meanwhile, Forsyth Park in Savannah, known for its iconic fountain and lush greenery, is another place to consider, ranking 9th on the list.

How the Rankings Work compiled the data by taking into account several factors such as Google Search Data, Instagram posts and positive sentiment percentage around each location. This was then normalized and ranked to create the ultimate day-out ranking for 2023.

For a complete breakdown of the rankings, travelers and locals alike can check out the full study here.

With a variety of options ranging from museums to parks to scenic islands, Georgia offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, the data suggests that the state’s day-out options are plentiful this fall.


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