6 Things You'll Never Hear an Atlantan Say
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6 Things You’ll Never Hear an Atlantan Say


Navigating the bustling streets and the warm-hearted community of Atlanta, one might stumble upon a wide array of sights, sounds, and experiences uniquely Atlantan. Yet, within the city too busy to hate, there are certain phrases you’re as likely to hear as you are to meet a Georgian who can drive in the snow. In honor of 404 Day, here’s a look at some of them:

“It’s just a few blocks away, wanna walk there?”
In Atlanta, where summer temperatures turn the city into a sauna and distances are measured in minutes rather than miles, suggesting a walk is akin to proposing a trek across the Sahara. Atlantans know the air-conditioned sanctuary of their cars is the better option, smog be damned.

“Ah, yes, Hotlanta, my favorite nickname for the city.”
Call it The ATL, The A, even Atlanna (dropping that second ‘t’ like it’s hot), but whisper “Hotlanta” at your peril. This nickname is about as beloved by locals as rush hour traffic on the Connector.

“Welcome to The Varsity, How May I Help You Today?”
Anyone who’s experienced The Varsity knows that “What’ll ya have?” isn’t just a question; it’s an initiation rite. Sometimes they’ll even ask you three times without taking a breath to let you respond. Sometimes they’ll even shorten it to “Have, have, have?”

“Who needs the BeltLine when you’ve got a perfectly good treadmill at home?”
The Atlanta BeltLine is more than a path — it’s a an open-air art gallery and living room, as well as a parade of Atlanta’s finest dogs and their humans. To compare it to a treadmill is to compare the World Series to a game of backyard catch.

“The more chain restaurants, the better!”
In a city where every other corner boasts a local eatery offering everything from soul food to innovative fusion cuisines, championing chain restaurants is like going to Paris and eating at an American fast-food joint. Atlantans take their food seriously, and locally-owned is the way to the heart.

“Oh, I was born here.”
Atlanta and much of the metro area is filled with transplants. Yes, you will occasionally find someone who was born and raised in Atlanta or even in the wider metro area, but those are few and far between. Atlanta experienced several population booms, once in the 70s and again around the 1996 olympics that brought people here from all corners of the globe.

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