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What Georgia Women Want: Is it Good Looks, High Income, Or An Attractive Personality?


🗣 The Gist: A new survey reveals that single women in Georgia are less concerned about a partner’s high salary compared to their counterparts in other states.

📊 The Details: conducted a survey of 3,000 single women aged 18-35 across the United States to assess their dating standards. The survey explored preferences for partners’ income, attractiveness, and other attributes. Key findings include:

  • Nationwide, 17% of women would not consider dating men earning less than six figures or deemed below average in attractiveness.
  • In Georgia, only 11% of women indicated a preference for men with high incomes and model-like looks, showing more inclusive dating standards.
  • In contrast, 41% of women in New York prioritize substantial incomes and good looks in their partners, the highest in the survey.

📈 By The Numbers:

  • Georgia: 11% of women prefer men with high salaries and good looks.
  • New York: 41% of women prioritize high incomes and good looks.
  • Alaska: Only 5% of women hold such high standards.
  • Nationwide: 17% of women would not consider dating men earning less than six figures.

🌍 The Big Picture: The survey highlights significant regional variations in dating standards:

  • Home Ownership: 86% of women would date a man who rents.
  • Vehicle Ownership: 59% of women would date a man without a car.
  • Living with Parents: 64% of women would not date someone living with their parents.
  • Education: 80% are open to dating a man without a college degree.
  • Job Type: 85% would consider someone in a non-traditional job.
  • Travel: 85% are okay with a partner who hasn’t traveled beyond their home state.

💬 Your Take: What do you think about the dating preferences revealed in this survey? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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