This Georgia city was ranked the second worst city for chocolate lovers in the US

This Georgia city was ranked the second worst city for chocolate lovers in the US


The Gist: The City of Columbus in Western Georgia has been ranked as the second worst city for chocolate lovers in the United States.

The Worst: Columbus was ranked second worst among the 190 biggest cities in the US for chocolate lovers. Other cities in the bottom 10 include Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Mesquite, Texas, Fayetteville, North Carolina, Clarksville, Tennessee, Surprise, Arizona, Hayward, California, Hampton, Virginia and Newport News, Virginia.

The Best: New York, NY topped the list of the best cities for chocolate lovers followed by San Francisco, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Hershey, PA, Los Angeles, CA, Seattle, WA, Chicago, IL, Orlando, FL, San Diego, CA and Dallas, TX.

Who Conducted the Survey: Lawn Love conducted the survey and ranked the cities for chocolate lovers.

How Rankings Were Determined: Lawn Love determined the rankings by looking at the number of chocolate factories and high-quality shops selling chocolate including chocolatiers, dessert shops, and patisseries. They also considered chocolate-themed entertainment like museums, tours, theme parks and events in the 190 biggest cities in the US.

Other Information: Some cities like New York and San Francisco have over 100 chocolate shops and chocolate manufacturers. Las Vegas was ranked 3rd best due to its large number of dessert shops, candy shops and ice cream shops. Hershey, Pennsylvania was ranked 4th due to the ultimate chocolate-based entertainment, a chocolate theme park. Small cities like Des Moines, Iowa, Pomona, California, and Garden Grove, California were also found to offer good options for chocolate lovers.

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