Can Roswell Residents ‘Keep the Wreath Green’ This Year?

December 1, 2023
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🚒 The Gist: The Roswell Fire Department launches its “Keep the Wreath Green” campaign, aiming to reduce holiday-related fires in the community by using a wreath with green bulbs as a visual reminder, turning bulbs red for each structure fire.

🔥 The Details: The initiative, held at the Roswell Fire Department Headquarters and other locations, serves as a constant reminder of fire safety, especially during the holiday season. Last year, the campaign saw five red bulbs, representing fires in homes but fortunately causing no injuries. Fire Chief Joe Pennino urges the community to adopt proactive measures to prevent fires.

📊 By The Numbers:

  • Five red bulbs in 2022: Representing each structure fire.
  • Zero injuries reported from these fires.

🌲 In Context: The “Keep the Wreath Green” campaign is an annual initiative, symbolizing the community’s collective effort to maintain safety during a time when the risk of home fires increases.

🛡️ Why It Matters: The campaign not only raises awareness but also provides practical fire safety tips to the public, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and proactive safety measures to prevent potential hazards during the holidays.

🔍 What You Can Do: Residents are encouraged to follow safety tips like using flame-resistant decorations, maintaining distance from heat sources, supervising open flames, regularly inspecting holiday lights, practicing kitchen safety, ensuring clear emergency exits, and testing smoke alarms.

📅 What’s Next?: The campaign will continue throughout December, with updates on the wreath’s status, serving as a real-time indicator of the community’s fire safety during the holiday season. Residents can follow the campaign’s progress on the Roswell Fire Department’s social media channels.

The Roswell Fire Department acknowledges Home Depot for their support and donations towards this important initiative.

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