Cobb County Schools Have Been Graded for 2023: How Did They Perform?

December 15, 2023
1 min read

📊 The Gist: Cobb County students have shown exceptional academic proficiency, surpassing their Georgia peers at all levels in the 2023 state educational assessment.

🔍 The Details: In the latest educational performance report, Cobb County’s middle and high school students significantly outperformed their peers across Georgia. These achievements are part of the state’s educational rating system, akin to a report card for schools.

📈 By The Numbers:

  • Content Mastery scores: 8.5 points higher in elementary, 11.2 in middle school, and 14.3 in high school than state averages.
  • Progress scores: Middle school 3.5 points higher, high school 10.6 points higher.
  • Readiness component: Over 3 points higher at all levels.
  • Middle School Closing the Gap score: 25.5 points higher than state peers.

📘 In Context: The College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) evaluates schools on various aspects, including academic proficiency, growth, and readiness. This index serves as a comprehensive tool to gauge the educational effectiveness of schools in Georgia.

🔎 Why It Matters: These scores reflect the high standard of education in Cobb County, showcasing the district’s commitment to academic excellence and student preparedness.

🎓 Graduation Insight: Cobb’s 5-year graduation rate stands at 89.7%, with 13 out of 17 high schools exceeding a 90% rate. This metric is crucial in the district’s strategic planning, emphasizing the competencies expected of students upon graduation.

🗒️ Note: The state no longer calculates an overall score for schools, focusing on individual components for a more transparent and comprehensive evaluation of school performance. Comparability with 2022 is limited due to changes in scoring criteria and pandemic-related data challenges.

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