Peachtree Corners will open its new playground at a Back to School Event

July 11, 2022
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Peachtree Corners will open its new playground at a Back to School Event

PEACHTREE CORNERS — The City of Peachtree Corners will host a Back to School event and show off its new playground at an event Aug. 1.

The event will begin at 10 a.m. on the Town Green at 5140 Town Center Blvd. in Peachtree Corners.

As the City celebrates its 10-year anniversary, the event will begin with a ribbon-cutting for the new Town Center Playground that features custom play equipment that provides opportunities for parallel play activities on and above the ground.

The playground features a new shade structure and has been constructed with several ADA transfer points allowing for easy access to elevated activities. 

In addition to the ribbon-cutting, the back to school event will feature several family-friendly activities, including:

•    Ice Cream Truck 
•    Bubbles with the Bubble Lady
•    Face painting
•    Balloon animals
•    Bubble machines

The playground equipment includes the following:

We-Go-Swing: The We-Go-Swing is designed to include children and adults of all ages and abilities. The swing promotes social interaction for a truly inclusive experience by encouraging multiple users to work together to swing.

RollerSlide: The hillside embankment RollerSlide brings a sensory experience to the playground and inclusive sliding activity to kids of all abilities. The RollerSlide can be used by multiple kids, side-by-side, at one time. 

Lounge Spinner: The 36-inch diameter lounge spinners provide a comfortable seat for relaxing, spinning as well as self-regulation. If all the activities on the playground overstimulate a child, the Lounge Spinner provides a sheltered space for decompression or regulation. The semi-enclosed seat is comfortable for a parent and child to share and enjoy the activity together.

PTC Tower: The custom PTC Tower has been designed to mimic the pedestrian bridge that crosses Peachtree Parkway.  The equipment features two slides, a climbing structure, stairs, two towers, and the bridge between the two towers that have the replica lettering and leaf pattern from the 141 bridge.

Quantis: The Quantis Netplay Systems allow children to choose endless routes of imaginative play and adventure. Quantis features a figure-eight shape.

Unitary Poured in Place Rubber: Rubberized surfacing allows for easy access for anyone using wheelchairs or walkers. Surfaces are tested to accommodate fall heights up to 12 feet high. Aliphatic urethane bonds material together to provide a vibrant and durable surface that will stand up to the demands of weather extremes and active use. 

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