John Lennon Through May Pang's Lens: A Glimpse Into the "Lost Weekend" Era

John Lennon Through May Pang’s Lens: A Glimpse Into the “Lost Weekend” Era


📸 The Gist: May Pang showcases rare, candid photos of John Lennon during a free exhibition in Roswell.

🔍 The Details: From March 15-17, 2024, the Computer Museum of America will host “The Lost Weekend: The Photography of May Pang,” offering a unique peek into John Lennon’s life from 1973-1975. This period, known as Lennon’s “Lost Weekend,” features Pang’s intimate photographs of the music legend in relaxed settings. The exhibition, presented by the Ann Jackson Gallery, aligns with the digital release of “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story,” a documentary exploring Lennon and Pang’s relationship.

🎶 By The Numbers:

  • 18 months of Lennon’s “Lost Weekend”
  • Numerous candid photos for exhibition and purchase
  • 3 days only for the public to view the collection

🌍 The Big Picture: The “Lost Weekend” era was a time of significant artistic output for Lennon, marked by collaborations with music icons and personal growth. Pang’s role was pivotal, encouraging Lennon’s reconnections with family and friends, leading to iconic music creations.

🤔 Why It Matters: This exhibition offers fans a rare opportunity to see Lennon through the intimate perspective of May Pang, providing insights into his creative process, personal life, and the impact of their relationship on his music.

👀 What You Can Do: Attend the exhibition at the Computer Museum of America to experience these unique photographs and possibly meet May Pang, who will be sharing stories behind the images.

📅 What’s Next?: With the concurrent digital release of “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story,” fans have a chance to delve deeper into Lennon and Pang’s relationship, complementing the visual experience of the exhibition.

🔗 Go Deeper: For more information on the exhibition and the documentary, watch the film’s trailer at The Lost Weekend Movie Trailer.

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