Super Bowl 2024: Emotional Taylor Swift-Inspired Commercial Going Viral

February 10, 2024
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The Taylor Swift-effect is in full swing ahead of Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, fans learned that this year’s commercials would be a bit different. Just as Taylor Swift helped bring a new audience to the most popular sport in America, new companies will be attempting to cash in with commercials during the big game.

Cetaphil is one of the companies that never would have thought about doing a Super Bowl commercial until this year – and they’re stepping into the arena with an emotional commercial showing the connections Swift helped make between dads and their daughters.

“Dads and daughters everywhere have gotten closer because of a certain globe-trotting eras singer screaming from the football sidelines, and we’re here for it,” Cetaphil said in the caption of its commercial on YouTube. “So this season, we’re inviting dads and daughters to get closer to each other’s worlds – daughters sharing their love for skincare and dads sharing their love for the game.”

Cetaphil shared and early look at the commercial on Friday before it hits the big stage on Sunday night. The commercial shows a “real father and daughter, living in New York” as the father fails to get his daughter interested in the game of football. Glued to her phone, the daughter is content with spending time in front of her phone and working on her skincare routine. 

However, she gets engaged in the game with her father when she hears the announcer say, “Well folks, there she is. It’s the most famous fan of the game.” Swift is never mentioned by name in the commercial, but commercial shows his wrist decked out in friendship bracelets, a staple of Taylor Swift concerts.

What other new commercials will we see on Sunday?

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