Riverside Sounds Returns to Roswell Next Month

March 21, 2024
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🎶 The Gist: Riverside Sounds, Roswell’s celebrated free outdoor concert series, is back this April, featuring a diverse array of musical talent across genres at Roswell Riverside Park.

📅 The Details: Kicking off on April 27 and continuing every fourth Saturday through September, the Riverside Sounds concert series will enchant audiences from 7:30 PM at 575 Riverside Road, Roswell. The series opens with The Suffers’ unique “Gulf Coast Soul” and will feature artists including Emily Nenni, Paul McDonald, Rissi Palmer, River Whyless, and Diego Garcia, Twanguero.

🎵 By The Numbers:

  • 6 unforgettable concerts
  • 7:30 PM start time for each event
  • 24th year of the Riverside Sounds series

🌟 The Big Picture: This series not only celebrates its 24th anniversary but also reflects Roswell’s commitment to cultural enrichment through diverse music, ranging from Indie Rock and Americana to Soul and Country Western.

🤔 Why It Matters: Riverside Sounds offers a unique opportunity for community engagement and cultural enrichment in a scenic outdoor setting, providing free access to quality musical performances.

📣 What’s Next?: Attendees can expect a blend of musical styles and an array of talented artists scheduled to perform over the six-month series, fostering a strong sense of community and arts appreciation in Roswell.

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