Woman runs up $8,603 bill on stolen credit card at Tybee Island hotel


TYBEE ISLAND — An unknown woman ran up $8,603 worth of charges on a stolen credit card at a Tybee Island hotel, according to police.

Officers responded to a local hotel last week in reference to theft of services.

While speaking with the manager police learned that in June, a woman booked a 17 day stay at the hotel, running up a bill in the amount of $8,603.55 in the process.

Almost a month later, the hotel received a chargeback for that amount from the credit card company, indicating that the card was used fraudulently.

During the course of the investigation officers learned that the name used to book the room was “Flower Priest,” which — as it turns out — was not the name of the actual card holder.

The case was turned over to detectives and remains an active investigation.

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