Floyd County Says Goodby to Police Dog, K9 Lieutenant Blaze

June 24, 2024
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K9 Lieutenant Blaze, a cherished member of the Rome-Floyd Special Operations Group, passed away on June 24. Born on April 14, 2013, Blaze served as an explosives detection dog for eight years before retiring in 2023, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and service.

A Distinguished Career

Blaze’s journey began when she was selected by the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency for specialized training. In 2015, she was paired with Sergeant Matt Henry, who became her handler and lifelong partner.

Throughout her career, Blaze supported various agencies, including the Rome-Floyd SWAT team, Floyd County Police Department, and the U.S. Secret Service, among others.

She was involved in over 2,000 missions, assisting with bomb threats, firearm searches, and security sweeps at high-profile events such as six presidential details, the Masters Tournament, and Super Bowl LIII.

Career Highlights and Achievements

In 2016, Blaze was recognized as the top dog in explosives detection. She was featured in two American Kennel Club magazines and contributed to a research article by Kennesaw State University. Her extensive skill set and reliability made her a valuable asset to many law enforcement operations across Northwest Georgia.

After her retirement in 2023, Blaze spent her final year living with Sergeant Henry and his family, occasionally visiting her former colleagues. Her presence brought joy to those who knew her, both in her professional and retired life.

K9 Lieutenant Blaze’s contributions to the safety and security of the community are remembered with respect and appreciation. Her years of service exemplify the dedication and commitment of K9 officers in law enforcement.

Blaze’s memory will continue to be honored by the Rome-Floyd Special Operations Group and the broader community she served.

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