Brookhaven Parks Director Arrested in Cobb County


The Gist: Brookhaven’s Director of Parks & Recreation, Patrick Nalley, is behind bars after Cobb County Police say he tried to meet up with a 14-year-old girl, only to face Cobb County Police officers instead.

What Happened?: Police say Patrick Nalley, who had recently taken on his role in Brookhaven, thought he was about to meet a young girl in Marietta. Little did he know, his “date” was actually an undercover operation by Cobb County Police. Nalley was arrested on the spot.

By The Numbers:

  • 3 months: How long Nalley had been serving Brookhaven.
  • 0: Prior criminal records.
  • 2: Former positions held by Nalley in Virginia’s park and recreation sectors.

Why It Matters: Brookhaven’s parks and recreation centers are frequented by children and teens, especially during the summer. The incident raises concerns about the safety of these spaces, especially given Nalley’s high-ranking position. As a result, Brookhaven officials decided on immediate action.

What’s Next?: City Manager Christian Sigman announced the immediate termination of Nalley. “Mr. Nalley is terminated immediately. Although we understand the presumption of innocence, we are acting out of an abundance of caution, as our parks and recreation facilities often have hundreds of children and teens recreating or competing in team sports activities during any given summer day.  The safety and comfort of our residents and guests and their families are always our top priority in Brookhaven,” Sigman said.

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