Albany police ask residents to ‘do the right thing’ to find Willie Stringer’s killer

September 12, 2022
1 min read

ALBANY — The Albany Police Department is trying to find the suspect in the shooting death of Willy Stringer Jr. and is asking anyone with information to “do the right thing” and provide information about his death.

On August 5, 2020, Willie Stringer Jr. decided to walk to the store for a Powerade.

As he left the store and headed back to his residence, he walked on the 900 block of South Madison Street, where he got caught in a crossfire between individuals shooting at each other.

“The smallest information could help in this case, so If you or someone you know saw or heard anything about this incident, you can remain anonymous and could be eligible for the reward of $1,200.00 if the information you provide leads to the arrest of those involved,” the police department said in a post on social media.

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