Atlanta among top 5 best cities for remote workers

If you could work from anywhere — up to 70% of job candidates today prefer a hybrid or remote work setup — where would you choose to live? To help telecommuters narrow their shortlist, LawnStarter ranked 2022’s Best Cities for Remote Workers.  The company compared nearly 200

Albany and Macon are among the most dangerous U.S. metro areas

The U.S. violent crime rate — an annual, population-adjusted measure of cases of rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and homicide — climbed by 5% in 2020. The increase was driven by a rise in aggravated assault and, most notably, a historic 29% surge

Atlanta ranked number 3 in the nation for cockroaches

Cockroaches can spread disease, cause property damage and many find them just plain gross. Seeing one running across the floor startles, annoys and disturbs renters and homeowners alike, but which city are you more likely to see one in your home? The

What is Georgia’s least educated city?

College enrollment has declined steadily in the United States in recent years. With rising tuition costs and surging student debt, enrollment rates have fallen at an average of nearly 2% a year since 2010. While four years of higher education may not

Georgia’s favorite Halloween candy for 2021 may surprise you

The annual list of favorite Halloween candy by state from is out, and Georgians may be surprised to learn what their state’s favorite candy is. Nationally, Reese’s cups are the favorite with Skittles coming in at number two. M&Ms, Starburst, Hot

What is the most educated city in Georgia?

The average cost of a college education in the United States is $35,720 a year — three times higher than it was two decades ago. While rising tuition costs are discouraging many Americans from enrolling, a college education is an investment that

Here’s how much mortgage debt the average Georgia resident has

The COVID-19 pandemic fueled a surge in demand among homebuyers that is only now beginning to show signs of slowing. This historic demand coincided with low borrowing costs, limited housing inventory, and labor and materials bottlenecks that have been hampering new construction.

This city has the most extreme poverty in Georgia

There are an estimated 39.5 million Americans living below the poverty line, which, in the lower 48 states, is an annual income threshold of $12,880 for an individual and $26,500 for a family of four (Alaska and Hawaii have a slightly higher

What are the safest cities in Georgia?

With reported murders up 64% compared to this time two years ago in Atlanta, SafeWise decided to look into the cities where Georgia residents can feel safe.  SafeWise just released its 7th annual “50 Safest Cities in Georgia” report for 2021. To

Atlanta named one of the top places to retire

Atlanta is one of the best places to retire, a new report by personal finance website WalletHub shows. The report, which was released Tuesday, ranked Atlanta the 10th-best retirement city among 180 U.S. cities across the country. Seven in 10 U.S. workers reported

How pet-friendly are rental properties in Georgia?

67% of US households (around 85 million families) own a pet, and 43 million houses are occupied by renters. So, what if you need to relocate with your furry friend? New research from All About Cats has revealed the best states (&

Here’s how much it costs per year to drive in Georgia

Car prices are surging in the United States. Rising demand, in conjunction with a limited supply of new vehicles on dealer lots, has led to a 45% increase in the consumer price index for used vehicles since June 2020. Perhaps now more

Georgia’s Best County to live in revealed

The U.S. may have the largest economy in the world, but in other key measures indicative of quality of life, it is far from number one. Based on the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index, a tool used for gauging and comparing quality

Here’s how Georgia’s population has changed in the last 10 years

The United States, including Georgia, became more urban and more diverse during the last decade, according to U.S. Census results released Thursday. The first detailed data from the 2020 Census covering cities, counties and census blocks showed the concentration of Americans in