As Heatwave Approaches, Georgia Power Offers Tips for Saving Money and Energy

June 14, 2024
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☀️ The Gist: With summer temperatures climbing, and a heatwave expected this weekend, Georgia Power is offering practical tips and resources to help customers reduce their energy use and keep electric bills manageable.

📋 The Details: Georgia Power emphasizes simple, actionable steps to help customers save energy and money this summer. These include:

  • Set It For the Season: Maintain thermostat settings at 78 degrees and use fans to stay cool. Each degree above 78 can save 3-4% on energy use.
  • Let it Flow: Replace standard air filters monthly and pleated filters every three months to ensure your AC runs efficiently.
  • Chill-Out with Laundry: Use cold water for full loads and clean the dryer’s lint trap before each use.
  • Can’t Stand the Heat? Get it out of the Kitchen!: Use outdoor grills, slow cookers, or microwaves to keep indoor temperatures down.
  • Throw Some Shade: Close curtains and blinds during peak hours to block extra heat from the sun.
  • Fill Your Fridge: Keep your refrigerator full and set to the manufacturer’s recommended temperature.
  • Avoid Phantom Energy Loss: Unplug devices when not in use and consider smart power strips.

🔢 By The Numbers:

  • 3-4%: Energy savings per degree above 78 degrees on the thermostat.
  • Monthly: Frequency to change standard air filters.
  • Every three months: Frequency to change pleated air filters.

🏡 Why It Matters: These energy-saving measures help residents keep their electric bills lower during peak summer months, which is especially important for those on fixed incomes or facing financial constraints. By adopting these tips, customers can also contribute to reducing the overall energy demand.

💡 What You Can Do: Visit for more energy-saving tips, programs, and rebates that can help make your home more energy-efficient.

🗣️ Your Take: What steps have you taken to save on your energy bill this summer? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below!

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