A Look Into the Online Gaming Scene of Georgia

January 29, 2024
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A Look Into the Online Gaming Scene of Georgia

The state of Georgia has gone through a significant entertainment industry shift within the decade or so. From major film productions to rising popular music artists, it seems that the state from the US South is on the path to a clear trajectory as a global leader in entertainment and media. But gaming and in turn, online gaming, seems to have embedded itself in the state. Both the industry and the community found itself a crucible that has helped nurture it to a leader in video games. Here are just some of the ways that the state of Georgia has embraced online gaming.

The South takes the lead in digital entertainment

The entertainment sector has found a home in the Southern state, which was capitalized by Georgia’s governance ever since the potential showed. To attract the video game developers even more to establish their operations in the Southern state, as well as the digital entertainment industry as a whole, Georgian legislation offers tax incentives for interested investors. Naturally, digital entertainment production studios took advantage of the proposal, with interested parties coming in from the film and video game industry. 

Since Georgia carries the industry with pride, the online gaming scene in the state has never been healthier. That is evidenced by the thriving population of online game development studios in the state today. It is an investment that paid off in spades for the legislation, amassing as much as $155 billion in record profits. Currently, the state legislation expects that the growth will continue, expanding itself to accommodate the growing demands of a budding market in VR gaming technology.

Industry giants such as White Knuckle Games, IQ Interactive, Eyes Wide Games, and Hi-Rez Games are just some of the names that Georgia has in their roster of video game development studios. These studios are responsible for some of the most popular online games out in the market today, such as Smite and Rogue Company.

Games of the South

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But ultimately, all kinds of online games are born out of the Southern state. While most casual gamers in Georgia would download and play games like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, and Pokemon Go, there are also significant downloads for paid apps. Games like Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Five Nights at Freddie’s are games that the industry holds in high-regard and for players in the South, they share the same tastes as their neighboring states.

Multiplayer online games on mobile are also very popular in the south. From multiplayer online battle arenas to battle royale shooters, the gaming sphere in Georgia has attracted many esports audiences through intense competition found in the South. Games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Mobile Legends, and Realm Royale dominate the download numbers on the App and Play Store. No wonder the legislation earns record profits from the industry!

The gaming community of the South

The healthy game development industry in Georgia works hand in hand with the thriving community of gamers that the state has cultivated and invested in. Atlanta, in particular, is noted to have been one of the best cities for the gaming industry to thrive in. It is an excellent place to invest in if game development artists want to find a career in the industry, since the influx of studios could always use more developers. Reports also suggest that being a part of the game development industry in Atlanta yields excellent salaries for artists and coders.

Another reason that Atlanta ranks high for gamers is the availability of more than decent internet speeds. There is also a significant amount of video game stores in Atlanta as well as a welcoming gaming environment for players who would like to find a community. In fact, the city is also host to a number of hangouts and cafes specifically catering to online gamers.

The impact of online gaming in the state of Georgia has been exponential. And it is quite safe to say that every aspect of the industry yielded a lot of good from it. Thriving gaming communities, more game development opportunities, and improving gaming-related investments will certainly help lead the state of Georgia if they want to be an industry leader in gaming. Because as it stands today, it’s safe to say that Georgia is a sanctuary for gamers.

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