Why Would You Be Interested in Playing the Call of Duty Game Series

November 27, 2023
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Why Would You Be Interested in Playing the Call of Duty Game Series

In November, a new version of the re-released Modern Warfare is released and players can now go through the storyline, or go to the Warzone servers for battles for survival and earn experience, or turn to the mw3 boosting service in order to get to stronger and stronger ones as quickly as possible interesting opponents.

But over the entire existence of the series, quite a few different versions of Call of Duty have been released, and thanks to this you can try more than one theater of warfare mixed with the plot, and not just MW3 boosting.

Why Would You Be Interested in Playing the Call of Duty Game Series

United Offensive

The very first part of the entire series, in which you will move to the territory of France and Belgium in the Second World War as part of the US landing forces, you will be part of the SAS in missions for the British special forces, and you will go through Stalingrad and Berlin for the Soviet Union.

There will always be many allies with you in battle, but there will also be many enemies to oppose, which will add more emotions and the effect of a personal role in the outcome of the battle. You will storm positions and hold the defense, carry out orders from commanders and advance along the storyline.

Why Would You Be Interested in Playing the Call of Duty Game Series

World of War

If you want to fight not only in Europe, but also in the Pacific Islands, then you will like this version of Call of Duty, especially since you can play it in co-op with friends, or alone, taking a break from Modern Warfare 3 boosting.

You will move to the islands of the Pacific theater of operations, where the US Marines resisted the Japanese throughout the Second World War and brought the situation to a logical victory after the treacherous attack on Pearl Harbor.

In addition to the main company, you will also experience the passage of the army of the Soviet Union and the Battle of Stalingrad and the heights surrounded by Berlin and the capital of the Third Reich.

Modern Warfare

All parts of the series that have been produced since 2004 and continues to receive diverse versions of its development, taking players into a modern, albeit fictional, but realistic with the full range of use of full-fledged armies and special operations forces of the United States and Great Britain.

It will all start as simple but planned operations as part of the fight against terrorists, but gradually you will see for yourself how the scope of the conflict will expand when a major conflict begins in the Middle East with the overthrow of the current president and the seizure of power with the risk of using nuclear weapons.

In this case, American Rangers and special operations forces arrive at the territory of the state to find and destroy terrorists and eliminate the threat of the use of nuclear weapons.

You will have the opportunity to take part in the operations of special operations forces, who carefully enter points, destroy enemies, conduct sabotage, or conduct reconnaissance, or feel the full range of emotions when troops from military formations land.

Many helicopters arrive, each one drops a large number of soldiers, and under the cover of aviation and other equipment, these detachments rush into battle.

In the second part, the conflict will take on a more global scale, because the main antagonist Makarov will carry out an operation and a terrorist attack at a Russian airport, shooting a huge number of people and blaming it on the United States, which came to power and sent troops into the territory of the United States, essentially starting the third world war.

You will carry out missions as part of the airborne regiment and take part in the battle for Washington and New York in order to knock out and push the enemy back into Europe and, continuing the battle, bring back evil from where it came from and destroy Makarov.

You will also get several episodes of unique experience, such as being at the epicenter of a nuclear explosion, or rather, what a person hypothetically experiences if he finds himself in the affected area – the entire blast wave and the consequences.

When the enemy is driven back from US territory, the fighting will move to Europe, in particular Germany and France, from where the Russian armies also need to be driven out as part of tank and infantry operations.

New Warfare

Starting in 2019, Activision began a full-fledged relaunch of the Modern Warfare version, complementing the plot of the general company and offering new mechanics that were not in the original projects.

In the new version, more time and attention is now paid not only to the overall plot and cinematic action, but also to the little things that are used by the military to carry out their tasks.

These are pinpoint peeks from around the corner, when you fully regulate and decide how much to expose your body and shoulder. This greatly simplifies aiming and identifying the enemy, either in single player or in MB3 boosting.

This technique allows you to separate the actions from looking around the corner and tracking down opponents, or shooting shots in order to destroy the enemy even before the enemy notices you.

In one of the missions, the developers will allow you to see the impact of phosphorus shells on large areas. It won’t be the most pleasant task, but the good thing about games is that they allow you to visualize even the worst aspects of humanity so that people never have the desire to recreate such weapons in real life and use them.

Otherwise, this is a modified company that continues the story of the entire Modern Warfare series and again takes you back to the story of Captain Price – the immortal hero who is in literally every version of Call of Duty, even in the Second World War, even in modern combat operations

When you get tired of going through the storyline, or you want to fully engage in Modern Warfare 3 boosting, switch to online mode and go to Warzone – a royal battle mode with a huge supply of weapons and an emphasis on action.

You need to survive and destroy all opponents and take top 1 on a random server.

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