Going Out of Town for the Holidays? The Duluth Police Have Your House Covered

November 12, 2023
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Going Out of Town for the Holidays? The Duluth Police Have Your House Covered

🗞️ The Gist: Duluth’s Police Department is offering a free Vacation House Check service for residents planning to leave town for the holidays. The service includes routine checks for unlocked doors or windows and monitoring for any suspicious vehicles near your homes.

🔍 The Details:

  • The service is designed to provide peace of mind to residents away from their homes during holiday travels.
  • Police officers will physically inspect homes for signs of break-in or unauthorized entry.
  • Surveillance for unusual vehicles parked in the vicinity of the residents’ homes is part of the check.

📚 In Context: Home security is a major concern during holiday seasons, as homes are often targeted by burglars during these times. Duluth’s initiative reflects a community-oriented policing approach that fosters a safer environment and deters criminal activity.

Why It Matters: This service is crucial as it not only secures unattended properties but also strengthens community trust in the local police force. It can potentially reduce the holiday burglary rates and provide actionable intelligence on neighborhood safety.

✊ What You Can Do:

  • Sign up for the service before leaving town to ensure your home is included in the routine checks.
  • Share the information with neighbors and community members who may also benefit from the service.

🔜 What’s Next?: The police department may assess the success of the program post-holidays to consider its continuation or expansion based on resident feedback and participation rates.

For Duluth residents interested in this service, you can sign up here.

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