Who Won the Smyrna Mayor’s Race

November 7, 2023
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Who Won the Smyrna Mayor's Race
"Downtown Smyrna, GA" by The Ken Cook is licensed under CC BY 2.0

🏡 The Gist: Mayor Derek Norton has emerged victorious in the Smyrna mayoral race.

📜 The Details: In a decisive electoral battle, residents of Smyrna have chosen Derek Norton as their mayor, concluding a competitive race. Norton’s win comes after a complete tally of votes across all precincts, marking the end of a closely watched contest.

🔢 By The Numbers:

  • Derek Norton received a winning 55.10% of the votes, translating to 4,356 ballots cast in his favor.
  • Ken Hymes was Norton’s nearest competitor, securing 43.20% or 3,415 of the votes.
  • Alex Backry trailed with a total of 134 votes.

🌍 In Context: Smyrna’s mayoral race reflects the city’s dynamic political landscape and the high community engagement in local governance. The position of mayor carries significant weight in Smyrna, with the office being pivotal in shaping the city’s future policies and initiatives.

Why It Matters: The mayor’s office is crucial in steering Smyrna’s growth, urban planning, and community welfare. Norton’s election is a statement of trust from the residents and sets a new course for the city’s administration.

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