Haunted Georgia: Savannah’s Sorrel-Weed House is a Hub of Paranormal Activity

October 5, 2023
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Nestled in the heart of Savannah, the Sorrel-Weed House stands as a majestic testament to the city’s rich past. But, for many, its grandeur and historic significance are overshadowed by the tales of hauntings and ghostly apparitions that have made it one of the most intriguing paranormal sites in the South. Let’s delve deeper into the legends and mysteries surrounding the Sorrel-Weed House.

Historical Background The Sorrel-Weed House, built in the 1840s, is an impressive example of Greek Revival and Regency architecture. Francis Sorrel, a wealthy merchant and plantation owner, was the original inhabitant. But the house’s history isn’t just about its architectural marvels or affluent owners—it’s deeply intertwined with the darker aspects of the antebellum South, including love affairs, betrayal, and death.

The Hauntings: Legends and Tales Several ghostly tales surround the Sorrel-Weed House, but two stand out the most:

  1. The Tragic Tale of Matilda Sorrel: Matilda, Francis Sorrel’s wife, is said to have discovered her husband’s illicit relationship with a young enslaved woman named Molly. Devastated by the betrayal, legend says that Matilda took her own life by jumping from the second story of the house. Her ghost, dressed in a long, flowing gown, is often spotted wandering the halls, expressing her eternal sorrow.
  2. The Spirit of Molly: Molly, the enslaved woman allegedly involved with Francis, is said to have lived in a carriage house behind the main building. After Matilda’s death, Molly’s life, too, ended tragically and mysteriously. Today, many visitors claim to hear her cries and moans, echoing from the depths of the carriage house.

Paranormal Investigations Numerous paranormal investigations have been conducted at the Sorrel-Weed House, making it a hotspot for ghost hunters and enthusiasts. Many have captured electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings, unexplained cold spots, and even shadowy figures on camera. The house’s basement and the carriage house are particularly active zones.

Visiting the Sorrel-Weed House Today, the Sorrel-Weed House is not just a historic site but also a popular attraction for those intrigued by the paranormal. Nighttime ghost tours are offered, taking visitors through dimly lit rooms and recounting the many tales associated with the house. Many leave with chilling stories of their own, adding to the ever-growing lore of the Sorrel-Weed House.

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