What’s happening on Webb Bridge Road in Alpharetta?

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The Gist: Webb Bridge Road is buzzing with activity these days. From tree removal to construction, changes are afoot around Alpharetta High School and the Big Creek Greenway, all part of the Webb Bridge Road Improvement Project.

What Happened?: March saw the initiation of new phases in the Webb Bridge Road Improvement Project. This work, currently underway near Webb Bridge Way intersection, involves the construction of a new roundabout and replacement of the bridge over Big Creek.

Here’s How It Breaks Down: The entire project is divided into five segments:

  1. Extending the Culvert/Tunnel and access to Big Creek Greenway from Webb Bridge Road
  2. Webb Bridge Park to Maid Marion Close, including a roundabout at Webb Bridge Way
  3. Maid Marion Way to the Big Creek Greenway
  4. Big Creek Greenway to North Point Parkway
  5. North Point Parkway to Morris Road

Why It Matters: The primary goal of the project is to enhance Webb Bridge Road’s function as a residential collector corridor. It aims to reduce vehicular speeds, improve safety, and provide better amenities for pedestrians and cyclists.

As part of the changes, the width of travel lanes on Webb Bridge Road will be reduced to 10.5 feet, which will lower the speed limit and make room for multi-use paths, bike lanes, landscaped medians, pedestrian lighting, and more.

The Journey So Far: The journey began back in 2016, with public input sessions and design charrettes. Local residents, particularly those living along the corridor, played a significant role in shaping the initial design concepts. Phase 1 of the project, extending the Culvert/Tunnel and access to Big Creek Greenway, was completed in 2021.

What’s Next?: The City anticipates that construction of Phase 3 will be bid during the second quarter of 2023. However, the schedule for Phase 5, which involves North Point Parkway to Morris Road, is yet to be established. This phase will be influenced by the Georgia Department of Transportation’s planned replacement of the bridge over Georgia 400.

For more details about the Webb Bridge Road Improvement Project and other ongoing projects in Alpharetta, visit the City Projects page on our website.