5 Road Safety Tips You Should Remember When Traveling Interstate

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Although the interstate has, with time, registered the lowest number of car accidents, it still sees staggering numbers of gruesome accidents. They are still among the leading causes of death in the US for people between the ages of three to 34 years old.

Safe driving practices remain the best way to reduce the risk of a road accident. Both new drivers and long-time motorists are obliged to uphold them at all times for the sake of life, limb, and property.

Even though technological improvements have helped lower the number of accidents, human error remains a huge contributor.

In light of this, it’s always important to run through road safety tips once in a while. Here are five both old and new drivers should stick with every time they get on the road. 

  1. Stay Sober Behind The Wheel

Drunk driving is the persistent cause of most car accidents in the United States. Alcohol intoxication alters bodily coordination, reaction time, concentration, and judgment: a potent mix of risks that puts people in the vehicle and outside in danger. It’s for good reason that most state laws make driving under influence (DUI) a jail-worthy offense.

For everyone’s safety, avoid drunk driving. Always have a designated driver or ask a sober friend to get behind the wheel when planning to drink. You can also call a cab to ensure you get home safe and intact. 

Always remember that road safety begins with personal responsibility.

  1. Obey Traffic Rules And Road Signs

Traffic rules and laws exist to uphold safety on the road, keep traffic flow regulated, and encourage everyone to take accountability under pain of fines, confiscation, and other penalties. As a driver, you need to uphold your due diligence to follow them.

While everyone wants to relax and unwind along the interstate as much as possible, they should never throw caution to the wind. Some states have updated their regulations to address changing safety concerns and shifts in driving practices, as you can see in the new Illinois traffic laws

If you want to continue enjoying long road trips, it’s up to you to stay updated on new laws to stay out of trouble. Pay attention to signs, lights, lane markers, right of way, and overall driving etiquette. And, of course, never indulge in road rage.

  1. Avoid Speeding

Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to car accidents. The faster a vehicle goes, the higher the risk of clumsy maneuvers and malfunctions. These are a recipe for disaster regardless of how sturdy you may think your car may be.

Obviously, the appeal of the interstate is how much open space you get, giving you more leeway as a driver to let your ride ‘stretch its legs.’ But while you’re free to get that experience, you mustn’t put it over your safety and others. Stay within speed limits so you can safely take in the open road. 

  1. Always Wear Your Seatbelt

Seatbelts have helped reduce the number of road accident fatalities since their mandatory implementation. Most traffic authorities point to their improper use as a major cause of loss of life and limb. 

The reason is that these devices offer a practical level of protection. When worn properly, seatbelts keep you from being thrown around when you get into a collision. They hold you down from crashing against the dashboard, windshield, or car window, lowering the risk of injury. Even cars at low speed can cause severe injuries to an unbelted passenger when they crash. 

Before starting up the vehicle, check if everyone has their seatbelts on. Do this every time you make a stop. 

  1. Never Follow Too Closely

Always keep a reasonably safe distance between you and the car ahead. It gives you enough reaction time in case it makes a turn or slows to a stop.

Experts advise sticking to the three-second rule. When you find a stationary object beside the road, let the car ahead of you pass it and start counting. At least three seconds should go by before your car passes the thing, as well.

New drivers will find this tricky, but regular practice will help them develop an instinct for this. Double the recommended time to six seconds in bad weather situations, low visibility, or at night.

Never Take It For Granted

When it comes to driving on the interstate, everyone should do their best to keep it a fun, easy time. The best way to do that is to follow these practices and more.

If you get in an accident after all of that, you should know which injury laws you can count on to help you get protection and even compensation. Working with lawyers who specialize in that will give you an advantage.

The open road is for everyone. Do your part to keep it that way.