Gwinnett police take on rumors and false information head on

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The Gist: The Gwinnett County Police Department is hoping to address false information that has been spreading about recent tragic incidents in the county.

The department is hosting a community meeting on March 9 at 6:30 p.m. to address concerns from residents. The meeting will be held at Universal Church, at 6081 Singleton Road in Norcross.

What Happened: In recent weeks, there have been several tragic incidents in Gwinnett County, including homicides involving youths and a number of overdoses among teens. The Hispanic community has been directly affected by these incidents.

According to police, false information has been spreading on social media and by word of mouth about these incidents, causing concern and confusion among residents.

Why It Matters: The community meeting is an opportunity for residents to ask questions and get information directly from the police department. The meeting will also provide an opportunity for the police department to address concerns about their procedures and the recent incidents that have occurred in the area.

The Meeting: The community meeting will feature a panel consisting of the Chief of Police, Chief J.D. McClure, and members of the command staff from West Precinct and Criminal Investigations.

Spanish-speaking officers and interpreters will be available to assist residents who require translation services. While the specifics of active cases cannot be discussed, residents are encouraged to attend the meeting to ask questions and voice their concerns.

More Information: Residents who may have questions about the recent incidents or concerns about what is happening in their neighborhood are encouraged to attend the community meeting. The police department hopes to provide accurate information to residents and address any concerns they may have.