Emergency Room or Urgent Care? Where should you take your child?

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Do you know when your child needs to go to urgent care or when they need to go to the ER?

When your child has an injury or illness but the pediatrician’s office is closed, it can be hard to know what to do.

Often, the difference between services provided by urgent care centers and emergency rooms can be perplexing to parents.

Fortunately, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has provided a handy chart breaking down the difference to help parents make informed choices.

In general, urgent care centers can handle broken bones, colds, coughs, allergic reactions, sore throats, stitches and pink eye. The emergency room is best for serious burns, broken bones you can see, swallowed objects, head injuries and fainting.

See the chart below from Chidlren’s Healthcare of Atlanta for more details.

Emergency Room or Urgent Care? Where should you take your child?

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