GBI releases bodycam footage in Brianna Grier death investigation

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Brianna Grier

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has released 10 minutes of bodycam footage of the arrest of Brianna Grier, including the time period where she fell out of the car and was located by deputies.

The footage does not show Grier falling out of the car.

The video released by the GBI is below. Note that parts of it are graphic in nature.

GBI agents concluded earlier this week that the rear passenger side door of the patrol car, near where Brianna Grier was sitting, was never closed.   

GBI agents also concluded that Grier was placed in the back seat of the patrol car, handcuffed in the front of her body with no seat belt.

The investigation also reveals that after Grier was arrested, two Hancock County deputies were attempting to put Grier in the patrol car. Both deputies and Grier were at the rear driver’s side door of the patrol car. 

According to the GBI, Grier was on the ground refusing to get in the patrol car. Grier made a statement that she was going to harm herself. To put Grier in the patrol car, one of the deputies walked around and opened the rear passenger side door.

The deputy quickly returned to the rear driver’s side door. Both deputies put Grier in the back seat of the patrol car. The deputies closed the rear driver’s side door. 

GBI officials say their investigation shows that the deputy thought he closed the rear passenger side door.  

The deputies left the scene and drove a short distance.

The body camera footage reveals the deputies had no other contact with Grier from the time she was placed in the back seat until she fell out of the moving car. 

Grier died from her injuries on July 21.

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