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BACK TO SCHOOL: School bus tips for Harris County parents and students


With just six days remaining until the first day of school in Harris County, the Harris County School District has released several tips and reminders about the school system’s bus service.

Below is the information sent out by the school district.

Please be aware that bus drivers will be running trial runs prior to the first day of school to become familiar with their routes.

In April of each school year, bus rosters are cleaned up. Only those who rode the bus the last nine weeks of school remained. Anyone who didn’t ride a HCSD school bus at the end of the 2021-2022 school year, should contact their school to request transportation.

Bus information cards were mailed to current active riders (see previous bullet) to the mailing address on file the week of July 25. If you did not receive one, please contact your student’s school for information.

Prior to the first day of school, parents should ensure that their student is aware of their bus number, their bus stop location as well as time of pickup and drop off.

For elementary aged students, a designated adult should be present at the bus stop for pickup and drop off. Drivers are not permitted to drop an elementary student at their bus stop if a designated adult is not present. The student will be returned to the school for parents to pick up. Parents may speak with their student’s principal with any questions or special arrangements pertaining to drop off without a parent present. Any special arrangements must be renewed annually with the principal.

If there is ever a concern about a bus delay, parents may check the status of their bus by going to the Harris County School District website ( and clicking on “Daily Bus Status” or by calling (706) 457-2403 (save this number in your phone). Due to the unforeseen probability of some buses being delayed, parents should have a daily backup transportation plan.

Please explain to your children that all school rules extend to the bus. There are cameras on the buses for security monitoring

For any concerns regarding student behavior or lost items on a bus, contact your student’s school administrator.

For concerns of questions pertaining to transportation routes, drivers, or standard operating procedures, contact the HCSD Transportation office at (706) 628-4220.

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