Suspect in Kennesaw golf course shooting arrested near Chamblee

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The suspect in a triple-homicide at a Cobb County golf course was arrested Thursday in the Chamblee area, ending a five day manhunt.

According to Cobb County Police Chief Tim Cox, Bryan Anthony Rhoden was arrested and charged with three counts of murder, three counts of aggravated assault and two counts of kidnapping after police say he drove onto the golf course at Pine Tree Country Club in Kennesaw on July 3 and killed three people.

The victims were identified as Eugene Siller, Henry Valdez and Paul Pierson. Siller was the head of golf at the country club, Valdez was from California and Pierson was from Kansas. The truck Rhoden was driving had Kansas plates and police say the vehicle was registered to Pierson.

Cox said Rhoden was the lone shooter in the case, but declined to say how detectives were able to link Rhoden to the shooting, saying that information was critical to the case against Rhoden. Cox also did not comment on whether or not the shooter and suspects knew each other and said that was under investigation.

According to Cox, some detectives slept in their offices while working to unravel the case.

Cox thanked several law enforcement agencies for their efforts in the investigation and apprehension, but also said the community played a vital role in the outcome of the investigation.

The full news conference on the arrest is below.

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