What is Georgia’s favorite conspiracy theory?

Whether you believe them wholeheartedly, hate them, or just read about them for entertainment, conspiracy theories have become a hot topic in American life.

An explosion in content about conspiracy theories — including the recent documentary Viral: The 5G Conspiracy —inspired the USDirect team to do some research and find which conspiracy theory Georgia residents are curious about.

Our data shows that Georgia wants to know about the New World Order theory the most.

Georgians are not alone in their curiosity. Our neighboring states Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina,Tennessee, and Alabama all google the New World Order the most as well.The majority of the Southeast seems obsessed with this particular conspiracy theory, except Louisiana, who’s residents search for chemtrails the most and Mississippi who’s residents want to know more about the New Coke conspiracy.

Other popular conspiracy theories throughout the united states are black helicopters, flat earth, deepwater horizon, lizard people, Tupac is alive, and the idea that the moon landing was faked.

Curious to know more? Check out our full report: https://www.usdirect.com/resources/most-searched-conspiracy-theories-list-by-state/

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