Coronavirus Update: Cases and deaths continue to drop in Georgia

The Gist: The spread of coronavirus continues to decline in Georgia, and this week the number of deaths per day appears to be declining as well.

The number of deaths in a single day hit a record high Jan. 19, with 162 people succumbing from the virus. The 7-day average for deaths that day was 117. Today, there were 53 deaths reported and the 7-day- average is 109.

The record number of new cases in a single day was Jan. 8, when a whopping 10,386 new confirmed cases were reported. The 7-day average for new cases that day was 6,429. Today, there were 3,559 new cases reported and the 7-day average has dropped to 5,366.

While the numbers are encouraging, they are still much higher than they were in the state’s initial coronavirus surge over the summer.

The Numbers: Below are today’s coronavirus numbers as provided by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Confirmed Cases Today:3,559
Positive Rapid Result Cases Today:561
Confirmed Deaths Today:53
Hospitalizations Today:113
Total Confirmed Cases:722,062
Total Positive Rapid Results:148,766
Total Confirmed Deaths:11,854
Total Probable Coronavirus Deaths:1,449
Total Hospitalizations:48,498
Total ICU Admissions:8,203
Average Number of New Cases Per Day5,366
Hospital Bed Capacity83.5%
ICU Bed Capacity89.7%
Emergency Room Capacity57.1%
Adult Ventilator Capacity43.1%

The Map: Below is the map of coronavirus spread by county. The darker colors mean more cases of coronavirus. It may still look like a lot of red areas, but this is an improvement over previous weeks.

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