Gunshot at Lenox Mall was accidental, police say

A gunshot heard in Neiman Marcus at Lenox Mall in Atlanta was the result of a gun going off accidentally while the owner was adjusting his pants while walking through the store.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, at about 6 p.m. Saturday, officers were dispatched to Lenox Square Mall regarding a shot heard inside the Neiman Marcus store. Witnesses initially said there may have been a dispute occurring between two individuals when they heard a shot fired. However, officers uncovered additional information showing there was no dispute related to this.

Instead, a man was walking through the store and adjusting his pants when the firearm he had in his waistband discharged. It appears the shot was accidental and no one was injured by the bullet. The man ran from the scene and has not been located.

Officers continue the investigation and are working to identify the man.

“We urge gun owners to be responsible and we would recommend they leave their firearms at home while they are out shopping in public areas,” Atlanta Police Department spokesman John Chafee said. “Instances like this are unacceptable and we expect more from those who choose to carry firearms. Gun ownership is a responsibility no one should take lightly.”

Shoppers took to Twitter with photos and videos of a mall in chaos immediately after the gunshot was heard and of stores in lockdown.