WATCH: Albany residents are making quarantine music videos

April 4, 2020
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ALBANY — The city of Albany has been hit hard by the coronavirus after it spread through two highly attended funerals. But the fact that their city is a hotspot for COVID-19 isn’t breaking the spirit of Albany residents. In fact, the city sponsored a shelter in place video contest.

The winning video was submitted by the McCrary family and is posted above.

The city is still accepting new videos to see what creative ideas residents come up with and for entertainment during the coronavirus shelter in place order. If you live in Albany and would like to participate, the rules are below.

1. Record yourself singing and dancing to the hook:

?Quarantine, Quarantine, we don’t want no COVID 19?

2. Post your video using the hashtag #AlbanyQuarantineChill

3. Tell your friends to post videos as well!

4. Now, enjoy all the videos.

As of 7 p.m. Friday, Dougherty County had 607 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 30 people had died from the virus.

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