WATCH: Newly released video shows Georgia state legislator’s grocery store confrontation

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A video released by the Cobb County Police Department shows some of the confrontation between Georgia State Legislator Erica Thomas and a Mableton man in a local Publix last week.

The video has no sound, so it does not give any answers about who said what, but it does add some visual detail to the unfolding story.

Sparkes can be seen entering the frame at about 30 seconds into the video. He can also be seen talking to Thomas and pointing away from the checkout lane. The two have an animated verbal argument before being separated.


After the incident last week, Thomas, a democrat who represents Austell, posted a video online accusing a man at the grocery store of racism and claims that he said “go back where you came from.”

At a press conference later, Sparkes made a surprise appearance and identified himself as the man from the express lane confrontation and denies saying anything racist to Thomas. Sparkes points out that he is Cuban-American and a democrat.