Area of Indian Trail Road affected by water main break to partially open Wednesday morning

February 19, 2019
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Area of Indian Trail Road affected by water main break to partially open Wednesday morning

Update:  Gwinnett County officials say they are expecting to partially re-open the intersection of Brook Hollow Parkway and Indian Trail Road at I-85 before the morning traffic rush on Wednesday.

Drivers can expect to use the exit ramp from I-85 southbound and continue straight onto Brook Hollow Parkway or turn left onto Indian Trail Road. Drivers can also take Indian Trail Road headed southeast from Beaver Ruin Road. Expect delays and consider finding an alternate route where possible to avoid traffic backups.

Crews worked through the evening in the rain to repair a decommissioned water valve that broke near the intersection early Tuesday morning. Gwinnett DWR and DOT are expected to continue repairs through the night.

Gwinnett County water is safe for all uses, including drinking. The water main has been repaired and water has been restored to the three local businesses that experienced outages.

Original Story: The massive water main break and sinkhole that closed a high-traffic intersection early Tuesday morning is still going to make its presence known during Wednesday’s commute.

According to Gwinnett County officials, the closure of Indian Trail Road from Beaver Ruin Road to the I-85 bridge is expected to continue into Wednesday as crews continue work on the water main and sinkhole.

The Park and Ride lot is also expected to be closed and is being used for heavy equipment that is being used to repair the issue.

What Happened?: According to county officials at 12:37 a.m. Tuesday, a decommissioned 16-inch valve attached to a 30-inch water main broke at the northeast corner of the intersection of Indian Trail Road and the I-85 exit ramp where it becomes Brook Hollow Road. Gwinnett Department of Water Resources crews shut off the water main by 3 a.m.

The force of the water created a sinkhole about 30 feet wide by 30 feet long and 15 feet deep and took out a traffic light pole.

The Gwinnett Department of Transportation and Department of Water Resources crews are investigating possible undermining on the Indian Trail Road northbound, right-hand turn lane.

Is The Water Safe?: The county says Gwinnett County water is safe for all uses, including drinking.

However, three nearby businesses currently are out of water, but residences were affected. Water quality also was not affected and in most cases, residents will not notice any difference in their water, but there may be isolated areas of the county that may experience discoloration or tiny specks in the water. This is caused by a reversal in the direction of water flow in the water main.

If this occurs, residents will need to flush their individual systems by running water through an outside spigot on the front of your home until the water runs clear. Then, open the other faucets in your home slowly to allow air to escape and allow the faucets to run for a minute or two until they also run clear.

With the new generation of low-flow toilets, there may be discoloration in the toilet bowl for several flushes afterwards since they use much less water per flush.

If air is trapped in the line, it will make a spurting or hissing sound as it passes through the faucet, and at first the water may be cloudy due to tiny air bubbles in the water. You may also see discoloration or particles that dislodge from the inside of your plumbing as the pipes fill. This should clear quickly.

If water is cloudy throughout the house and does not clear after allowing the water to run for several minutes, you can contact the 24-hour emergency dispatch line at 678.376.7000 for assistance.

How do I get to work?: Motorists traveling northeast on Brook Hollow Parkway can only make a right onto Indian Trail Road. Drivers traveling northwest on Indian Trail Road at the closure point will have to exit at the bridge onto I-85 south.

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