Marc Urbach withdraws from governor’s race

May 3, 2018
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Marc Urbach withdraws from governor's race

Georgians now have one less choice for governor on the republican side of the May 22 primary after one candidate announced he has left the race.

Republican candidate for Governor Marc Urbach has notified the secretary of state’s office that he is withdrawing from the gubernatorial race.

The announcement came May 1, less than one month from the republican primary on May 22.

In an interview with local media posted on his Facebook page, Urbach says he blames the state GOP office for mistreating him and that he is in consultation with lawyers for reimbursements.

Urbach has thrown his support behind fellow republican Michael Williams.

Early voting has already begun and Urbach’s name will still be on the ballot. However, votes cast for Urbach will be void and will not be counted.

Below is the interview Urbach posted to his Facebook page:

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