Humidity and Pollen Have Taken a Dip Throughout Georgia Today


📊 The Gist: Pollen counts have seen a significant drop from yesterday’s high, but allergen levels remain concerning for sensitive groups.

🌦 The Details: After yesterday’s pollen count of 1,201, residents with allergies can breathe a bit easier today. The latest environmental report shows a substantial decrease in the pollen count to 562. This dip comes alongside mostly cloudy weather conditions, with temperatures holding steady at a comfortable 82°. A modest humidity level of 45% and winds at 12 mph make today pleasant overall for residents.

📉 The Breakdown:

  • Total Pollen Count: 562 (a decrease from yesterday’s 1,201)
  • Trees Pollen: High
  • Grass Pollen: Moderate
  • Weeds Pollen: Low
  • Mold Activity: Moderate

🧐 Why It Matters: For the substantial portion of the population affected by seasonal allergies, today’s moderate pollen levels are a welcome change from the previous day’s peak. These counts are especially pertinent to daily quality of life, influencing outdoor activities and overall health.

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