Georgia's Holiday Traffic Toll: 24 Lives Lost in Car Crashes

Georgia’s Holiday Traffic Toll: 24 Lives Lost in Car Crashes


🚗 The Gist: During the Christmas and New Year’s holiday periods, a total of 24 fatal traffic crashes were reported in Georgia, leading to the loss of 24 lives. Georgia State Patrol and local law enforcement agencies conducted extensive traffic activities.

🚨 The Details: The 102-hour Christmas holiday period, starting December 22 and ending December 26, witnessed 15 fatalities from 14 crashes investigated by the state patrol and 10 by local agencies. The following New Year’s holiday period, spanning December 29 to January 2, resulted in 9 fatalities from 3 state patrol investigated crashes and 6 local agency crashes. Agencies like the Atlanta Police Department, Cobb County Police Department, and DeKalb County Police Department reported fatalities.

🚑 By The Numbers:

  • Christmas period: 589 crashes with about 332 injuries.
  • New Year’s period: Over 305 crashes with approximately 156 injuries.
  • Traffic stops: 15,717 during Christmas; 16,967 over New Year’s.
  • DUIs: 312 in Christmas; 413 in New Year’s.
  • Citations: 8,232 during Christmas; 9,295 over New Year’s.

📚 In Context: These traffic activities were part of a heightened safety and enforcement initiative by the state patrol and local law enforcement. The festive season traditionally sees an increase in travel and festivities, often accompanied by a rise in traffic incidents.

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