Bridge Accident Briefly Strands Memorial Day Travelers to Tybee Island

May 29, 2023
1 min read

TYBEE ISLAND — In a traffic incident that disrupted Memorial Day plans for many, a motor vehicle crash earlier today halted passage on the Lazaretto Creek Bridge, the only available motor route to and from Tybee Island, a holiday hotspot.

The traffic hold-up has since been resolved, with both lanes moving again, according to police.

On this significant public holiday, the bridge mishap caused a ripple effect for the numerous families and holiday-goers making their way to or from the scenic Tybee Island. The absence of alternative routes amplified the disruption caused by the incident, forcing travelers to wait as local authorities worked on scene.

Chatham County officers, along with their counterparts from Tybee Island Police Department, were promptly at the crash site, striving to restore traffic movement while ensuring the area’s safety. As they managed the incident, they requested public cooperation and patience.

The authorities, having resolved the blockage by late afternoon, continue to urge motorists to exercise caution and patience while driving through the area.

Further details about the crash, including the cause and whether there were any injuries, have not been released.


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