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From Crowds to Clicks: How Black Friday Became an Online Extravaganza


In the last decade, Black Friday, once synonymous with chaotic crowds and early morning doorbusters, has transformed into a digital-first phenomenon, reshaping the retail landscape and consumer habits in profound ways.

The Rise of Online Shopping: A Digital Dawn

Gone are the days when Black Friday meant camping outside stores. The 2010s witnessed a seismic shift towards online shopping. Pioneered by e-commerce giants like Amazon, this shift allowed consumers to snag deals from their couches, far from the frenzy of physical stores. This change didn’t just add comfort; it expanded Black Friday’s reach, making it a global event.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores: Adapting to New Realities

This digital migration hasn’t been kind to all. Traditional retailers faced dwindling foot traffic, prompting a strategic pivot. Many now complement their in-store deals with online offerings. The rise of the ‘click and collect’ model, where customers buy online and pick up in-store, exemplifies this adaptation, blending the digital and physical shopping experiences.

Extended Sales and the Erosion of a Single-Day Event

Black Friday is no longer a one-day affair. Stretching from early November to Cyber Monday, this elongation dilutes the event’s urgency. What was once a sprint has become a marathon, with consumers spreading their spending over several days.

Technology at the Forefront: Smartphones and AI

The shopping revolution isn’t just about going online. It’s how we shop online. Smartphones have turned into portable shopping portals, with retailers leveraging AI to personalize the experience, making each offer seem tailor-made.

Consumer Behavior: Informed and Empowered

Shoppers are more savvy now, aided by modern technology. With the entire internet at their fingertips, they compare prices, read reviews, and make informed decisions, often swayed more by convenience than the thrill of the hunt.

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