Did Georgia’s Groundhog Gen. Beauregard Lee see his shadow?

February 2, 2020
1 min read
Did Georgia's Groundhog Gen. Beauregard Lee see his shadow?

Sorry, Georgians. We regret to inform you that Georgia’s own groundhog Gen. Beauregard Lee has once again predicted six more weeks of winter.

Sunday morning. Georgia’s prognosticator emerged from his home at the Dauset Trails Nature center and declared through his proxies that he had seen his shadow.

Like last year, Lee’s prediction comes amid 60 degree temperatures. It seems humans aren’t the only ones confused by Georgia’s weather patterns.

Elsewhere in the country, Punxsutawney Phil, the popular weather prognosticator in Pennsylvania did not see his shadow and is predicting an early spring.

If you want to know more about Gen. Beauregard Lee, or if you were unaware that the Peach State had its own groundhog, you can follow him on Twitter below. In true, Georgia fashion, after predicting a longer winter, Lee spoke fondly about Waffle House hash browns.

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