Georgia State Senator Brandon Beach tests positive for coronavirus

March 18, 2020
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ALPHARETTA — One of Georgia’s top lawmakers has tested positive for coronavirus.

State Sen. Brandon Beach, a republican from Alpharetta, announced Wednesday evening that he has tested positive for the coronavirus and is in quarantine at his home for at least the next 14 days. Beach was last at the state Capitol for Monday’s special session.

But Beach said when he received medical attention, he was first diagnosed with something else.

“After experiencing a fever and cough, I sought medical attention last week,” Beach said. “The diagnosis I was given was not coronavirus, but I did get tested for it on Saturday. With medication, I felt better by Monday and thought I was in the clear. Today, however, my test came back positive.

“For now, I’m at home. I continue to suffer from a fever and cough, but I’m following doctor’s orders, including the admonition to stay away from the hospital unless it becomes difficult to breathe. I know many Georgians are praying hard as we weather this crisis together, and frankly, I’d ask that they pray for me, as well as all the others in our state who are going through this right now — and those who soon will.

Beach is the chairman of the senate transportation committee and is one of Georgia’s top transportation officials.

The state legislature has been urged to self-quarantine on the heels of this result. Fellow republican senator Scot Turner, who cares for an elderly hospice patient, said on his facebook page that he was “shaking with rage” at Beach’s decision to come to the capitol on Monday.


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