Bibb County Voters Must Prove Residency Under New Georgia Law

July 4, 2024
1 min read

Some voters in Bibb County were recently required to prove their residency following allegations of false addresses.

🗳️ Why It Matters: This situation raises concerns about the integrity of the voter registration process as well as the potential disenfranchisement of legitimate voters.

🕵️ What’s Happening:

  • David Sumrall, chair of the Bibb County Republican Party, challenged the legality of several voter registrations.
  • Sumrall alleged that 45 voter addresses were listed as post office locations, and some voters had participated in elections from other states.

📊 Between the Lines: The Macon-Bibb County Board of Elections accepted challenges related to the 45 voters with post office addresses but dismissed other claims due to insufficient evidence.

  • The board’s decision places these voters in a “challenged status,” requiring them to prove their residency.

📅 Catch Up Quick: Under Georgia’s new voting law, citizens can use the U.S. Postal Service’s National Change of Address list as evidence to challenge another voter’s eligibility.

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