4 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week in Georgia

January 25, 2020
1 min read

In a typical week, some news stories get overlooked because of other items in the news or because of the fast-paced march of the week. Sometimes small facts and tidbits within the news also get overlooked. Here are a few items we learned this week that we didn’t know last week.

Georgia is prepared for coronavirus
While the coronavirus outbreak may have started in China in December, it has been making headlines (and memes) this week. We also learned that Georgia’s Department of Public Health is ready for the virus — or at least as ready as anyone can be — and has sent detailed information to healthcare providers about what to do if they encounter the virus.

State budget cuts could affect 200,000 Georgians with mental health needs
Gov. Brian Kemp has proposed budget cuts that impact all departments of the state. One of the departments raising red flags over the cuts is the Department of Behavioral Health and and Developmental Disabilities. That department estimates 200,000 Georgians will lose access to necessary services due to $80 million worth of cuts to the department.

111.7 million people visited Georgia last year
If you’ve been paying attention, you already know that the state’s tourism industry is growing, but this week we learned some new and record-setting numbers about tourism growth in Georgia.

  • In 2019, 111.7 million people visited Georgia.
  • Those tourists spent $36.9 billion.
  • Georgia’s tourism industry supports about 478,000 jobs.

Amazon is coming to Newnan
Amazon is continuing its expansion into Georgia. The online retail giant’s new fulfillment center will be 1 million square feet and is expected to create 500 new jobs. 3,500 Georgians already work for Amazon.

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