A Georgia Leader is Headed to Ukraine with Medical Supplies

June 6, 2022
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A Georgia Leader is Headed to Ukraine with Medical Supplies

Emory Morsberger, president of the Tucker Summit Community Improvement District of Greater Atlanta, will be traveling to Romania, with surgical-grade medical instruments, Stryker Drill Sets and wound care materials desperately needed to support the relief effort from the war in Ukraine.  

The appeal for urgent aide came from Rotary International’s Medical Emergency Committee for Ukraine’s co-chair Dr. Olha Paliychuk. Through her Rotary work, Dr. Paliychuk’s plea eventually made its way to Atlanta and fellow Rotarian, Christopher Brand, President and CEO of Friends of Disabled Adults and Children.

Brand’s 501(c)3 non-profit organization specializes in refurbishing and distributing home medical equipment to those who are mobility-impaired, so he knew that he possessed the network to acquire the supplies but still needed help delivering them to the frontlines. 

As a member of the Tucker Summit CID, Brand and Morsberger had a longstanding relationship improving services within their CID, but never had a need or opportunity presented itself such as this unique request from halfway around the world. Brand needed help.  

“When Chris first called and explained what he was working on, I couldn’t get the word ‘yes’ out quick enough; yes, we’ll do whatever we can to help; I’ll write a check myself if necessary, and, yes, I will personally deliver the tools if that’s what is needed,” Morsberger said.

Morsberger plans to fly to Istanbul en route to Suceava, Romania to join Radu Zernoveanu Sr., whose son is also a member of the Rotary Club in Buckhead, and who shared Dr. Paliychuk’s request with Brand, initiating this nearly 5,000-mile relay. 

“They took my offer of personal delivery quite literally. So when that need arose, how could I say no?” Morsberger said.

Morsberger has now received all of the necessary vaccinations and travel accommodations to depart during the first week of June.

Presenting the medical materials in person will first coincide with meeting of Radu’s Rotary Club on June 10. They will then travel to Chernivsti, Ukraine to give the materials to Dr. Olha in person.

Morsberger is enthusiastic about the mission in great part because of the work of Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, which he said he feels is playing such a major role in relief efforts around the world without much notice. “I am so impressed with this incredible nonprofit and I want others to know about their work and contributions to so many around the world” he said.

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