Here Are The New Laws Taking Effect in Georgia on July 1, 2024


Starting July 1, Georgia will implement several new laws directly impacting residents. From changes in education to tougher penalties for crimes, here’s what Georgians need to know.

Education and Family Support

School Vouchers and Child IDs
Parents can now use vouchers worth up to $6,500 to send their children to private schools, giving families more options for quality education. Additionally, kids aged 14 to 17 in state custody will receive free state ID cards, making it easier for them to access necessary services.

Public Safety and Crime

Tougher Penalties for Illegal Drag Racing and Fentanyl Dealers
In response to increasing illegal drag racing incidents, repeat offenders now face felony charges, hefty fines, and up to ten years in prison. The state is also imposing stricter penalties on drug dealers indirectly responsible for fentanyl overdose deaths, with possible life sentences for aggravated involuntary manslaughter.

New Laws Against Squatting and Package Theft
Squatting is now classified as misdemeanor trespassing, allowing for quicker eviction and fines for back rent. The “Porch Pirate” bill introduces felony charges for stealing packages from multiple addresses, with offenders facing up to five years in prison.

Consumer Protections

Safe at Home Act
Rental units must comply with health and safety standards under the new Safe at Home Act. This law ensures that tenants live in safe conditions and provides a legal framework for addressing housing issues.

Telemarketing Penalties
Consumers can now hold companies accountable for illegal telemarketing calls made by third-party contractors. Violators could face fines up to $1,000 per violation and are subject to class-action lawsuits.

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