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Georgia is The 6th Most Expensive State for Car Owners


📊 The Gist: Georgia ranks among the top 10 most expensive states for car ownership in 2024, challenged by high repair costs and substantial used car prices.

🛠 The Details: With an overall score of 70.67 out of 100, Georgia stands as the sixth most expensive state for vehicle ownership, according to a Forbes study. Drivers in the Peach State face the fourth highest average expenses for car repairs at $407.71, coupled with the ninth highest average price for used cars, pegged at $36,016.

💸 By The Numbers:

  • Average Repair Costs: $407.71, ranking 4th highest.
  • Average Used Car Price: $36,016, ranking 9th highest.

🌍 The Big Picture: The broader trend across the United States sees a significant variation in car ownership costs, with states like California and Nevada leading the pack in expenses. The study factors in gas prices, car repair costs, car insurance rates, and used car prices to paint a comprehensive picture of what drivers can expect to shell out annually. In case you were wondering, New Hampshire is the cheapest state for car ownership.

Why It Matters: For Georgians, the implications are far-reaching, affecting daily commuting choices, household budgets, and even broader economic decisions. Understanding these costs can help residents make informed choices about transportation and budgeting in a state where vehicle reliance is high.

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