The Limited-Edition Trader Joe’s Treat That Fans Have Been Waiting For Is Finally Back

September 17, 2023
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The Limited-Edition Trader Joe’s Treat That Fans Have Been Waiting For Is Finally Back

Now that the fall season is underway, shoppers with a sweet tooth are likely going to be out searching for their favorite autumn-inspired snacks. And as we all know, Trader Joe’s is generally at the forefront of the movement with plenty of unique and seasonal treats taking up valuable real estate on their already well-stocked shelves.

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As we drift further into the season, TJ’s customers have been steadily on the lookout for their go-to seasonal products as they make their long awaited return to shelves. So much so, that a Reddit post was recently created by one shopper, hoping to locate a pack of the fan-favorite Trader Joe’s Chocolate Mousse Pumpkins ahead of spooky season.

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Not one to last long on the shelf, TJ’s Chocolate Mousse Pumpkins are a seasonal classic that features mini velvety chocolate cakes that are entirely covered in a silky mousse. Each container includes six pumpkin-shaped cakes and retails for only $3.29. With such a dangerously low price, these tasty bite-size cakes may just be the scariest part of Halloween yet.

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Based on some of the responses to the Reddit post, we may be in luck because it’s been noted that some TJ’s locations may have already started receiving shipments of the tasty treat.

“Yes, I saw them in San Jose, CA yesterday,” responded one helpful fan of the popular cakes, while another announced that they “Saw them today in Vegas.” Other users quickly chimed in to report that the cakes had been seen in Colorado, the Pacific Northwest and parts of Southern California as well.

Before you head out to grab a pack for yourself though, make sure that your local TJ’s actually has them in stock. And if you really want to make them last through the season, maybe bulk up and throw some packs in the freezer so you can still enjoy their tasty goodness on future days. 

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